Read Chapters 6, 7, 8

Discussion Questions

  • What are your thoughts on these chapters?
  • At the surface WMDs look great. How do we address the issues of algorithms when they coincide with success?
  • How do we approach the professional world built around "social capital?" What does this mean for our students?
  • How do we tackle money as the end-all-be-all objective in with many WMDs?
  • Should we not trust any algorithm results? They seem to, more often than not, mirror reality (including biases and flaws) or misrepresent reality by omission of real data points in favor of "easier to quantify" proxies. Yet, they carry the weight of unquestionable "objectivity."
  • How do we move away from the "life ruining lottery" of algorithms?
  • What are the next steps in our personal study of algorithms and the ethical use of machine learning?
  • What other ways are computers amplifying problems in our world?
  • What's your major takeaway from the reading this week?



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